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Get all the features your business needs and the ones you wish you had.

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Our POS Features Everything You Need

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Inventory Management

Our POS software can help you manage it all, from tracking ingredients to inventory.

Employee Management

The to-do list never ends when it comes to overseeing your staff. Luckily, our software does all the heavy lifting for you by tracking sales performance, overtime, and more.

Menu Management

You have total customization and flexibility with your menu. You can add specials, create menu edits, or have happy hour discounts like a 2 for 1 special. Everything is easily managed through your computer or smartphone.


Complete Restaurant POS Management

Taking an Order

Contactless Payment Solutions


QR Code Ordering

Your restaurant is full of guests, and staff are working harder than ever; what should you do? You reduce some of their workload by allowing guests to place their orders with a QR code!

QR Code Payments

Everything good must end, but at least your customers can easily and quickly pay their bill. They can simply pay using their smartphone and a QR code that the POS produces.

More Table Turns

Improving table turns is a quick and easy way to increase profits and pad your pocketbook. Your restaurant can accomplish this with our cutting-edge mobile payment solution.



Online Ordering

Commission Free

Does your restaurant currently offer online ordering? Isn’t it time to 10X your sales? You can with commission-free online ordering. It will jack up your profits without additional expenses, such as payroll.

Custom Pricing

We give you total control over your online menu. You can choose which items appear in the online menu and at what price.

Setup in a Snap

Our online ordering couldn’t be any easier to set up. Not only that, but the shopping experience for your guests will be seamless, from your website to ours.


Mobile Pay at the Table Solutions


Improved Table Turns

Our pay-at-the-table solution will do wonders for your bottom line. It will allow you to seat more guests, modernize the dining experience, and produce more net profit.

Larger Tips, Happier Employees

Our mobile payment solutions will create a better consumer experience, resulting in more significant tips that will surely please your employees.


Real-time Measurements

SkyTab mobile has a built-in review function. It allows guests to review their visit, giving your manager time to address any issues before they leave.


Analytics & Reporting

Sales Reports

Your business can conquer any problem by simply growing the top line. We supply you with the sales reports you need to help 10X your revenue.

Menu and Product Mix Reports

Our menu and product mix reports give you actionable insight into which menu items are selling like crazy and which ones may need to be trimmed.

Labor Reports

We want your business to thrive. So we supply the reports you must have to keep your payroll costs down. It’s the number one expense for every company, so it’s a big deal.


Loads of Reports

A restaurant can only be as successful as the data that’s given. This is why we give you an ample amount of reports so you can analyze everything.


Online Back Office


POS Management

You can update every part of the POS software online, from menu edits to initiating happy hour specials.

Employee Management

Managing your employees can consume a lot of time and energy regularly. Our POS software gives you the tools to make the job as quick and efficient as possible, from schedules to time clocks.

Customer Engagement Tools

The more you engage with your customers, the more they spend with your business. Our software does just that, such as personalized email campaigns.


Installation, Training, & Support

Certified Installers

Our highly qualified, expert technicians will arrive in person at any location within the United States to install the POS system. This process ensures you have an excellent installation experience. You cannot make a better choice than going with SkyTab.

Comprehensive Training

What does the best software in the world do for you if you don’t know how to use it? No worries when going with SkyTab. We give remote trainings whenever you need it.

Unparalleled Support

No POS is perfect, and everyone will experience a problem eventually. That’s why we will be here for you when the time comes with our in-house experts who are standing by 24/7/365.

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