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to Maximize your Earnings


Surcharge earnings refer to the additional income generated by a business through the imposition of fees for using their ATM services. These fees, known as surcharges, are charged to the customer for each cash withdrawal transaction, providing a passive revenue stream for the business hosting the ATM.

ATM Owner Potential Surcharge Earnings

Estimated Number of Customers through the Door on a Daily Basis: 100

Estimate that 20% of these Customers are Potential ATM Users: 20% * 100 = 20


Estimate that Half of those Potential ATM Users use the ATM: 1/2 of 20 = 10


Estimate that a Quarter of those Potential ATM Users use the ATM: 1/4 of 20 = 5

The data below is based on a profitability estimation for a Bar or Tavern.



The most common surcharge amount for ATM transactions in the United States typically falls within the range of $2 to $5 per transaction. 

ATM surcharge fees can vary significantly across the United States based on several factors. Here are some of the key reasons for these variations:


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Location: ATM surcharges can differ based on the specific state, city, or even neighborhood. Urban areas with higher costs of living or greater competition might have higher fees, while rural or less competitive regions may have lower fees.

Accessibility: In areas with limited access to ATMs, businesses might set higher fees to capitalize on the convenience factor. Conversely, in areas with a higher density of ATMs, businesses may opt for lower fees to attract more customers.

Type of establishment: Surcharges can also vary depending on the type of business hosting the ATM. For example, ATMs located in convenience stores, gas stations, or bars might have different fees compared to those in shopping malls or financial institutions.

It is essential for businesses to research local rates and competitor fees in their specific region to determine the most suitable surcharge for their ATM.


When you purchase & own your own ATM, you are in control of your surcharge earnings. This can be changed at any time by communicating with the Cornerstone team.

Monitoring and adjusting fees: Regularly review your ATM's performance, customer feedback, and market conditions to determine if adjustments to your surcharge fee are necessary. Remain flexible and adapt your strategy as needed to optimize your earnings.

Transparent communication: Clearly display your surcharge fee on the ATM and any promotional materials to ensure customers are aware of the cost before they initiate a transaction. Transparency can help build trust and prevent potential customer dissatisfaction.

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