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At Cornerstone Processing Solutions, we believe in the power of collaboration and community. We are proud to be associated with a network of esteemed members and organizations that share our vision for excellence in the payment processing industry. These partnerships enable us to enhance our knowledge, stay ahead of industry trends, and provide our valued clients with the best possible solutions.


When you see the distinctive badge displayed alongside our membership logos, it represents more than just our membership. It signifies Cornerstone's proud partnership with these esteemed organizations in our Processing with a Purpose (PWP) program. Together, we are committed to making a positive impact and driving meaningful change. To learn more about the remarkable collaborations and initiatives we undertake, we invite you to explore our dedicated PWP page. Join us on our journey to create a better future and discover the inspiring projects supported by our collective efforts.

Cornerstone is proud to have been a member of the following organizations:


Wisconsin Fabricare Institute (WFI):

Engaging with professionals in the fabric care industry, we understand the unique needs of dry cleaners and provide tailored payment processing solutions.



Wisconsin Nursery Landscape Association (WNLA):

Our affiliation with the Wisconsin Nursery Landscape Association enables us to serve businesses in the green industry. By understanding the unique needs of nurseries and landscapers, we offer specialized payment processing solutions that cater to their industry-specific requirements.



Wisconsin Restaurant Association (WRA):

Our affiliation with the Wisconsin Restaurant Association connects us with the restaurant industry. Through this partnership, we stay informed about the evolving needs of restaurants and provide them with efficient and reliable payment processing solutions.


Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners (WACO):

As a member of the Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners, we understand the unique requirements of campground businesses. This affiliation allows us to offer tailored payment processing solutions to support their operations.


Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce:

We are a proud member of the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce, actively engaging in initiatives that promote economic development and foster a vibrant business environment in our local community.


Better Business Bureau: Our accreditation with the Better Business Bureau reflects our commitment to ethical business practices and customer satisfaction. We strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our operations.


Wisconsin Association Management, LLC: Engaging with professionals in association management, we provide customized payment processing solutions for associations.


Tavern League of Wisconsin: Our affiliation with the Tavern League of Wisconsin connects us with the hospitality industry. Through this membership, we gain insights into the specific challenges faced by bars and restaurants and provide tailored payment processing solutions to meet their needs.


Illinois Green Industry Association (IGIA): Engaging with professionals in the green sector, we offer tailored payment processing solutions for businesses in landscaping, lawn care, and related industries.


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Oshkosh Referral Group: This affiliation allows us to connect and collaborate with other local businesses, fostering a strong network of professionals who support and refer one another. By actively participating in this referral group, we strengthen our relationships within the Oshkosh community and contribute to its growth and success.


Illinois Sign Association: Collaborating with professionals in the sign industry, we deliver specialized payment processing solutions to support sign businesses.

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